BESTORE was established in Wuhan in August 2006, and grew fast in Central China and expanded throughout China in the past 16 years. By August 2022, BESTORE has about 2,100 stores covering 13 provinces with 95 cities in the Chinese market. As a leading brand for snack, BESTORE owns 12 categories covering over 90 product lines and 1,200 products, and boasts 30 million VIPs. BESTORE is reputed as “the Kingdom of Snacks” with 400 million people’s choice for it and ranks top for seven consecutive years' sales.





In January, BESTORE put ads into the TV series Mr. Right with view counts of more than 9 billion on Internet.

In March, BESTORE put ads into IP costume drama The Flame’s Daughter.

In June, BESTORE launched hot cup of cool kebabs for soccer fans during the World Cup.

In August, BESTORE released the new brand LOGO.



In January, the celebrity Yang Zi became the CFO (Chief Fans Officer) of BESTORE.

In May, BESTORE put ads into the hot TV series Ode to Joy II.

In June, BESTORE Life Pavilion opened, as the 1st BESTORE of 5th generation.

In July, BESTORE officially marched into Xi’an.

In August, BESTORE created “Joyful Snack Metro”, integrating a stereoscopic closed-loop marketing.

In September, BESTORE marched into Chongqing and open U-City Sky Street store.



In February, BESTORE appeared in New York Times Square together with the spokesperson Huang Xiaoming.

In March, the company song The Song of BESTORE was released.

In May, BESTORE invested RMB 1 billion yuan to build Leisure Foods Industry Park.

In September, BESTORE marched into East China market and the first store in Suzhou opened.

In October, “Best Nut for Generation” of live-broadcasted program was made for nut upgrade.

In December, BESTORE won the first for snack category in Alipay “Double 12” E-shopping Festival.



In June, HuBei BESTORE E-commercial Co., Ltd. was selected as 2015-2016 Annual E-commerce Model Enterprise by the Ministry of Commerce.

In July, BESTORE established official partnership with the reality TV show Where Are We Going, Dad? III.

In August, the celebrity Huang Xiaoming signed with BESTORE as spokesperson.

In September, BESTORE developed strategic cooperation with HUAWEI to contribute to comprehensive channel operation business.

In September, BESTORE cooperated with Hubei Nutrition Society to launch BESTORE Health and Nutrition Research Institute for a precedent.

In October, the store upgrade of 4th generation for 500 stores were completed.

In November, the sales volume on Double 11 Festival reached 123 million RMB.



In May, PC mall, WeChat mall with Youzan, Alipay service window mall and Weibo mall were initiated online.

In June, Hubei BESTORE Logistics Co., Ltd. was established.

In July, BESTORE exploited Henan market and marched into Central Plains.

In July, the sales business for fruits and fresh-mixed beverages was launched in Wuhan and Henan market.

In November, BESTORE was reputed as China Famous Trademark.

In October, BESTORE’s subsidiary Wuhan Holly Foods Co., Ltd. was established.

In December, BESTORE established partnership with IBM to launch an advanced full channel information application platform in China.



In January, BESTORE was shortlisted for Top 20 Food Manufacturing Enterprises for Taxation.

In June, six branches were established, respectively located in Hankou, Wuchang, Jingzhou, Hunan, Jiangxi and Sichuan.

In October, the quality control & monitoring center of 2nd generation got the accreditation of CNAS.



In March, BESTORE marched into Sichuan for new market, and opened the 1st store in Chengdu.

In May, representative store of 3.5th generation in Wanda opened.

In May, the quality control & monitoring center of 2nd generation with an area of 400m2 was reconstructed.

In October, HuBei Bestore E-commercial Co., Ltd. was established.



In January, the image upgrade of store for the 3rd generation initiated, and the first store opened in Meiguiyuan.

In June, the cornerstone laying ceremony of snack processing and sub-packaging base for BESTORE was held in Food Industrial Park of Wuhan Dongxihu District.

In November, the snack processing and sub-packaging project of BESTORE completed, which can offer fine machining and warehouse logistics services.



In January, the ERP system initiated.

In September, the quality control lab of 1st generation was established.

In December, the strategic investor “CAPITAL TODAY” was introduced.



In April, BESTORE exploited market in Jiangxi and opened the first store in Nanchang city.

In June, the revision and upgrade of store for 2nd generation initiated.

In August, the quantity of BESTORE stores reached 100。

In December, the quantity of BESTORE stores reached 168 with 677 staffs.



In June, the construction of informatization management for stores initiated.

In July, BESTORE marched into Hunan market, making an important step for market expansion in Central China.

In December, the quantity of BESTORE stores reached 88 with 396 staffs.



In July, “Coco Action” helped the team to deal with the difficulty in summer sales.

In December, the quantity of BESTORE stores reached 28 with 102 staffs.



In August, the first BESTORE store opened at Wuhan Plaza.

In October, the 1st Walnut Festival contributed to boom the store’s sales.

In December, the quantity of BESTORE stores reached 6 with 27 staffs.